Upgraded 2 lvl11 walls today (8mil total resources)

Walls nearly complete and DE nearly capped for next hero upgrade. Things are going really well on this account

I just realised today that I had my barracks completed for a week now. No wonder my laloon was training at 29min instead of its usual 38min. Having a barracks down is really devastating to training but it has to be done at one point or another and I choose to complete it at TH10 so that I don’t need to worry about it at TH11 where I need to focus my elixir into warden.

Upgraded another WT to lvl6, they will be done really fast so I’m happy about that. I still have no idea where to fit the new 4 day AD, I actually planned to upgrade an AD today but the change to 4 days (used to be 5) made it so I would have 2 upgrades ending on the same day if I did that so I did not want that to happen. I’ll need to arrange my upgrade schedule a little to accommodate the new ADs.


Defense log:


Despite having much much weaker defenses, I still sustain as much losses as my TH11 account. One has spent 700mil on defenses while this account hasn’t even spent 100mil, yet the outcome is the same, isn’t that absurd? People always find it hard to understand that defenses do nothing to protect your base, they are just shiny trophies to line your base and your storages.

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