Upgraded 1 lvl11 wall and 1 lvl12 wall today (7mil total resources)

DE rising nicely to upgrade AQ again in 2 days, I probably have little to worry about there. Champs really suck in terms of loot, sometimes a good whale will make your average go from 400k to 500k but that’s it. Loot in lower leagues is much better because bases are so much easier and I can fill up my storages from weak/dead bases. Here, most of the bases are stacked to stop laloon so I can’t get all the loot and the loot bonus easily.

Upgraded an Archer tower to lvl13 today. That’s the 3rd out of 8 ATs


Sometimes I really wonder why I bother to upgrade defenses when my log looks like this:



Really, most were able to crush me easily and I lost 6k DE due to waking up late. People always say “if you want others to give you shield, then push up”. The problem here is, defenses still do not matter because I’ll be crushed whether I have strong defenses or have lvl1 defenses, a 100% is a 100%, I won’t lose 800k gold just because I have weak defenses

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