Day 125

Upgraded 2 lvl11 walls today (6mil total resources)

Used up all my DE for haste lvl3 in lab so I need to farm a little extra for BK in 6 days, he’ll need 130k so I expect to farm around 25k per day for now.

Finally found a good time to upgrade ADs so I started one today, probably going to start the second one tomorrow as my WT finish up.


It has been 10 months now and I have progressed my base much further than any maxer could have dreamt of. I’m already on the brink of TH11 and probably going to have maxed Warden soon when I finally move up. TH10 has been the longest stint in my coc journey so far and I’ve enjoyed the stay and the strong defenses my base was able to put up. Now I’m just finding the right time to move on to the final phase of my journey


  1. Can a casual farmer follow you’re th10 route? If so will there be a change in elixir upgrade priorities?
    Another question: Will upgrading the inferno or xbow in a rushed base increase intimidation dramatically?


    • You need a few days of semi-dedicated farming in the beginning to start all the offensive upgrades + barch. After that, you only need to farm mostly for DE so that you can upgrade heroes. If you can spare a week of good farming or boosting, then you’ll be fine

      Nope, its the walls/cannons/WT/AT that usually scare people off the most because they are most numerous. But even TH11s with maxed EA,IT,Xbow,WT and TH7-8 AT/cannons are perceived as weak


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