Upgraded 2 lvl12 walls today (8mil total resources)

Climbing to titans to see whether farming is any good there, for now champs really suck. 200-300k all over the place, while I’m expecting at least 450-600k per raid. And even those 300k bases are maxed TH11 which are really hard to take all the loot from so I only average 400+k after loot bonus which is a far cry from the 600-800k per raid that I’m used to. Furthermore, most bases up here only have 1 resource high while makes it really not worth it to crack those tough bases, hope titans is a little better.

Upgraded a seeking air mine today, its going to maxed level right now. I still have 3 more SAM after this one, not sure when I’ll max them all as I only use it to bridge builders so that I don’t have many gaps between my builders.


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