Only upgraded 1 lvl12 wall today (4mil total resources)

Totally forgotten that I need to upgrade something in lab today, luckily I had the elixir to do so. Titans farming really isn’t ideal, hard bases so loot is not guaranteed and gold is far too much. I can see why people who only want to farm defenses can farm here, but farming elixir is important as well for walls. Only gold is good but elixir and DE really sucks. I want as much loot as possible before each builder is done so I tend to only hit bases with >400k elixir but that means I lose the advantage of farming gold here to begin with. I really see no point to farm here unless your walls and heroes are done, so overall poor ratings from me.

Upgraded another Archer tower to lvl13 today, they are still going to take some time to finish so I need patience to max defenses. Put baby drag to lvl5 in lab today, not sure how its going to help with my farming, but I don’t want to work on any DE upgrades while I’m upgrading AQ. When my BK is going to lvl45, I can probably upgrade DE stuff in lab but nothing is really appealing right now.


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