Upgraded 4 lvl11 walls today (12mil total resources)

Still casually farming here, DE overflowing without any problems at all. Walls are getting done so I’m happy with that, I’ll probably get bored soon when I finished my walls.

Tentatively, plan to start my upgrade to TH11 before the end of this week so I can reach TH11 before mid April and max GW before mid July. I’m still finalising the date because I want to ensure my lab completes in an appropriate time.

Upgraded another AD today to lvl4, not possible to max them before TH11 but it doesn’t matter. With maxed walls and heroes, there really isn’t any point for loot retention because defenses just cost too cheap especially since I’m rushed. People say that rushing kills loot retention, but the thing is rushed defenses means cheaper things to spend loot on so it doesn’t matter how much loot you retain. Furthermore, a maxed TH9 isn’t going to magically defend when they reach TH10 if they do not have any infernos.


As expected, defense log looks like shit because of upgrading air defenses:



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