Upgraded 1 lvl10 wall and 3 lvl11 walls today (11mil total resources)

I actually mistyped my day the past few days. It was “day 150” before I noticed it and changed it back to the correct day, its now “day 129” instead of 150.

Nothing much to update, DE going to max easily before BK wakes up. I will need to work on both BK and a DE lab upgrade to prevent the constant overflowing of my DE.

Upgraded my 4th AD to lvl4 today, I will probably continue to upgrade ADs because they still take a short time to complete.

My current progress



    • Haha, don’t worry. I remembered that I had a clashtrack account and now will probably use it once a week to update progress.

      I’m actually using
      right now to track progress. Not updated yet to latest version, but so are many other trackers


  1. After maxing my queen i keep overflowing on de
    What i did is drop trophies to bronze and keep dropping to get defenses achievement (just to satisfy the hoarder in me) and to find less de so i won’t overflow
    I casually find bases with loads of elixir and gold while dropping and attack them


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