Upgraded 3 lvl11 walls today (9mil total resources)

No more lvl9 walls left to dump loot so I will have >2mil loot available to be raided even after dumping loot into walls. Nothing I can do about it, but luckily loot isn’t as issue for this account anymore. I only need 150mil more resources to max walls this TH level, I’m not in a hurry because leftover walls can be done easily at TH11 anyways

Planned to upgrade a tesla today but accidentally dumped too much loot into walls, so the next best thing is to upgrade a cheap AD so that I can keep builders going. This is another advantage of rushing, you can upgrade cheap stuff whenever you cannot farm for the expensive stuff. This is why I face palm so hard in the forums, because people think that rushing means more activity required, but in fact rushing requires far less maintenance than maxing.

Most maxers do think that engineering is much easier than maxing, but rushing which is quite similar to engineering does not have this merit. I wish for one day, the fools from the forums and reddit will understand how much better rushing is compared to maxing in every single way in this game.


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