Upgraded 4 lvl11 walls today (12mil total resources)

Good amount of farming today, but the more the better. DE is overflowing unfortunately, can’t help with that too much. Might change to 3 hound laloon and see if it is effective, previously didn’t find it too effective but let’s try it again.

Upgrading another tesla to lvl5 today, just spending gold on defenses so that I don’t have idle builders, don’t really expect it to do better

Lab coming free tomorrow, plan to finally upgrade my Rage spell after neglecting it for so long. Rage spell really grows badly, this account with lvl2 Rage previously feels no difference when compared to my other accounts who maxed Rage.

This is because the way the growth of rage works. Lvl1 rage is already a 130% boost which means your attack is boosted by 2.3x while maxed is only 170% boost (2.7x). So lvl1 rage is equal to 2.3/2.7 * 100% = 85% the strength of maxed rage. Makes it really a waste of time to upgrade. This is why I don’t agree that rage needs a new level, because it makes no impact anyway.

This is also why SC should abolish linear growth and make everything grow exponentially, so that things to not become irrelevant at higher levels and we have a good gap between TH levels. Right now, TH9 can hit a TH10 too easily while a TH11 cannot hit a TH10 easily which are both stupid and bad balancing


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