Upgraded 2 lvl11 walls today (6mil total resources)

I actually farmed quite a bit today but it more on key upgrades rather than walls. My TH is upgrading to 11 today, on Aprils’ fools. I’m timing it according to my lab so that when my lab is upgraded at TH11, the troop being upgraded within is also done at the same time. This is  how I always plan for TH upgrades so that I do not lose precious lab time.

Upgraded rage spell to lvl5 finally, probably not going to make any impact on its strength but at least its another troop with the golden glow. I’ll upgrade haste to max afterwards then it will complete on the exact same day as when my lab will complete in TH11. I plan to upgrade loons to lvl7 first so that I can get maxed loons asap, then work on hounds then bowlers.


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