Upgraded 3 lvl11 walls today (9mil total resources)

Didn’t have any free builder yesterday so only made a post today. It doesn’t matter if I get 1 day or 2 days between builders, you can see that I usually upgrade the same number of walls regardless so its much better to have a builder free every day if you are as rushed as me, it is much more advantageous and you lose much less loot from defenses that way.

Got the necessary DE for my next lab upgrade in 2 days so that’s a good relief, now I just need to farm enough DE to upgrade BK again in 5 days. That will be another 140k so I will need to farm around 28k DE per day, gotta work a little harder.

Upgraded my first tesla to lvl6 today so that’s maxed TH8 level. I’m timing my upgrades so that I will have 4 free builders on the first day of TH11, the last builder will be working on BK and it will end 3 days after my TH completes so that I won’t tie up all my builders on long upgrades and be left with no builders.


Defense log:


I don’t know but being rushed certainly doesn’t make me lose any more loot than a maxed base. I really should compile all the pictures of my defense log and show all the ignorant maxers in the forums.

Attack log:


Loot is reasonable using laloon, not as much as barch which I would like but at least I can keep upgrading walls at a reasonable pace. At least I’m ahead of most maxers who do not even bother to barch, they complete TH10/11 with a ton of walls leftover and claim themselves maxed, quite hypocritical when you think about it.

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