Upgraded 6 lvl11 walls today (18mil total resources)

2 days between builders tend to mean that I overflow resources way too easily despite using such an expensive army. To be fair, I do a ton of collector raids so my loot still shoots up really fast. I always say farm hard in the beginning, because I get to chill and still complete upgrades easily. Instead of some players who still have low level walls despite active and continual play.

Its strange that people can rack up 300+ raids per season and still get less progress than me. While I usually also do around 300-400 raids per season yet can upgrade so many walls and heroes in that time. This is because people always farm elixir and DE separately so they need twice as many raids as me to get the same amount of resources while I farm everything at once.

Upgraded an AD to lvl5 today, it will complete on the day I reach TH11. Probably won’t help out much but at least I keep my builders busy.


Attack log:

Lots of collector raids and lots of good DE bases


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