Today is day 148 of me being in TH10


This is how my base will look like as I step into TH11, walls nearly done and storages full to the brim.


Treasury all ready and collectors are filling up. Buying a shield so that my collectors can fill up for the upgrade.

Been in TH10 for 5 months and I’m going to miss it, but bigger and greater things await. Once I max warden, things are going to be fun again


  1. I have a question for you,im th9 at 1700 trophies.I see alot of death bases with alot of gold and elixir.But i dont see that much of a dark elixir,i always see lvl3 de colector.What is best league for me to see lvl5 an 6 de colector, btw Im 107 lvl with lvl13 heroes max defense and all lvl 9 walls with 35 lvl10 walls.


  2. Hey, I’ve binged your journey series from th9 – 10 and i actually really enjoyed it. I cant seem to find the journal of town hall 11 though, did you make one? or have you finished with this account. Thanks!! The reason i started reading was because i just got to th9 and needed tips but i stayed because i really enjoyed the journal.


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