Upgraded 2 lvl10 walls, 1 lvl11 wall and 5 lvl12 walls (27mil total resources)

Managed to build many walls with a 3 day gap between builders, the problem? I forgotten to spend some of the loot to keep my builder working instead. So being a maxed base, there are no cheap upgrades for me to do so I am forced to keep this builder sleeping while I farm for enough loot tomorrow to keep him going again. It is a small setback towards being a maxed TH11, oh well.

Dropping leagues now as I find titans completely disgusting in terms of loot. Multiple failed raids (getting 270k out of 450k is a fail for me regardless of stars) really kill my mood to continue farming up there, so I’d take the cut in loot bonus to get 600-800k per raid in Masters instead.


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