Last look at TH10:


Spent some loot to keep builders going, upgrading a few traps while twiddling my thumbs for the TH to complete.



Unfortunately, I forgotten t

I also did not buy the value pack, I feel that I don’t need 7k gems to start out TH11 so I just built everything myself.

…until I realised that I forgotten to build the eagle, yeap. Facepalm, sin, you scrub.

Oh well, I just kept all my builders going, upgraded warden and lab, keep my chin up and keep trudging along.

Farming here in M3, all is well, nothing much to complain as loot is good

Screenshot_2017-04-15-11-03-531mil+ per hr without breaking a sweat, TH11 loot is quite good here.

And defense?


Doesn’t matter how rushed you are, there are always weaker attackers that will fail on you. I still don’t get the rationale of upgrading defenses, when I can defend better without defenses than my accounts which have strong defenses

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