Not sure how many walls I did so not going to report them for these next few days as I bust out easy upgrades.

So far TH11 is treating me kindly despite Easter Sunday, farming is all good and loot is good. DE going to overflow so I might start AQ41 soon, going to miss her but she will be back stronger afterwards.

Worked on my new AT and cannon while I wait for the 1mil gem offer pack to start my CC soon. I really don’t know when I will get it, but I want to start CC asap so I have to keep waiting.

Not sure when I want to start building my eagle, almost did it today but don’t know where to put it in my base so I delayed it again. Xbow too, I need to find somewhere to put it or rearrange my base into a TH11 base. But no TH11 base can be as good as Crows, so I might need to rearrange differently.


Got this achievement today:


Finally got it at like TH11, but at least I do something else other than barching or I would have never completed it.

Defense log:


What’s the problem of being rushed again? Quite easy to defend at this level, I still see no point in wasting time to upgrade defenses


  1. Hey there

    I took your advice earlier and went to th11… Getting so much loot I’ve been placing all three heroes for upgrades non stop. Will upgrade lab once I start the next research. Loving the wizards event, throw in a few giants and 50% is easy to get (crystal league)

    I started my cc upgrade as soon as I placed the warden and bought the 1 mil pack. Been 3 days since I got to 11 and warden is already lv3 going to lv4.

    I used to farm with giants and goblins at th9/10 but will move back to barch I think. De is a little harder to get than th10 so probably won’t be able to keep both king and queen down. Queen is priority of course.

    Just wanted to pop by and say thanks for the good advice.



    • Glad you love it. Yeah, I just moved my account to TH11 and it is a blast. Much better than when I was a new TH11 for the first time, so I’ll definitely change my advice to tell people to get to TH11 faster.


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