Again, no idea what number of walls I did yesterday, will only update it after I finish most of the messy transition.

I just realised that I did not take a picture of my troops before I upgraded, but since I don’t have any TH11 troop yet, I will post the picture of my profile tomorrow morning. This is done so that people can see what sort of troops I have when I upgrade my TH.

Upgraded a few more cannon and AT levels so now there are 1 day long upgrades, will continue to do them daily while I patiently wait for the $1 value pack to start my CC. I also started a 3 day AT upgrade just so that I have a free builder in 3 days’ time. My DE is going to overflow and BK is waking up tomorrow, I plan to upgrade AQ instead so that she will be closer to maxed.


What’s the purpose of defenses again?


Absolutely none! Even as a rushed TH11 without the Eagle, I’m regularly defending well without any problems at all. I cannot see why people want to upgrade defenses at all now, even TH11 is defending well without strong defenses


Despite inefficient attacks, I still can gain a ton of loot here in low masters, elixir is plenty and I can easily fill up my storages daily. Going back to barch tomorrow as I might need to farm a little hardcore

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