Upgraded 4 lvl12 walls today (16mil total resources)

Farming is great here, DE is overflowing, lots of loot to dump into walls. I cannot imagine why people want to suffer in titans when loot is literally overflowing in this league. No reliance on heroes and lots of 500-600k bases, which is better than the 300k you’re aiming for in titans and makes up for the bonus.

Upgraded a bomb tower today, I need 10 day upgrades so slowly working on these.


Done an achievement as well, so sad that it is only 20 gems for such a hard one:


Attack log:


Lots of easy and profitable bases here, no reason at all to be in titans since loot is already much better here. People in titans say its good because their goal is merely to keep builders and lab busy, we farmers aim to keep heroes and walls upgrading, builders and lab are just byproducts of efficient farming.


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