Upgraded a few walls today, looking at the amount required to farm I feel very good about it. The problem is that after walls are maxed it will really be hard to find the motivation to continue farming for stuff.

Did some modest farming, trying to get to around 9mil gold everyday. I am still waiting for the $1 pack so that I can finally start on Clan castle upgrade. I don’t really plan to build eagle just yet because this base is really faring well, so no point introducing new defenses and changing my base design into something weaker.

Upgraded 3 things today, AQ is going to lvl41 right now. I’ll just casually farm DE now and will keep upgrading AQ if I can afford her, if not then BK will be upgraded instead. Warden is currently going to lvl5 right now, I will get his ability after this level up but I will not stop upgrading him until he’s lvl20. I have 4.4k gems to help me with warden and I’ll only save 1k for AQ when she is going to lvl45.

The third upgrade I did was WT lvl2, upgrading new defenses tend to give the most bang for buck and time as well. Upgrading my newest cannon will take 1 day, 200k gold and will +9 dps, while upgrading one of my older cannons will take 3 days, 800k and only +8 dps. SC adheres strictly to the law of diminishing returns, that is why it is always better to add new stuff than to upgrade existing stuff, things like heroes really plateau early on so unless you’re overflowing in DE like me, there is actually not much reason to upgrade your heroes to max.


Base progress:

Click here



These are the troops that I had when I upgraded to TH10. People always give a ton of guidelines on what troops to use, but those are used in lower TH levels. If you are planning to rush to TH11, then things like golems and freeze spells become utterly useless. Its not because they are useless in war, but because you can easily get them from the CC. You will only ever need 1 freeze spell in war, so bringing it in the cc will be more beneficial and you save a ton of time upgrading it. Likewise with golem.

Lab time is a bottleneck, but its how you deal with the bottleneck that matters. You can have a maxer upgrade troops in the lab for 2 years and still can’t take out maxed TH11s, or you can selectively upgrade and crush a TH11 within 1 year of starting the game.

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