Finished upgrading my lvl8 walls, at least now I can use elixir to work on the new walls.

Still waiting for the $1 offer, so I will keep dumping my gold until then. I think I will do them when my lab is complete, so that I can start CC and loons at the same time, both being upgrades which take more than 9mil resources.

Using loons to farm because I’m lazy but I cannot really keep up with the demands so I will probably mass gobs until a low enough league and start barching.

Upgraded a cannon today, will have a free builder in 3 days time. It will line up nicely with the completion of my lab, so I hope the $1 pack appears then.


Defense log:


Again, I cannot believe the difference of using a rushed account. Defenses are really useless to build, just see how well I defend

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