Got up today and did some laloon. I failed twice miserably back to back and grew mad. I really dislike fails which is why I don’t like doing storage raids at all. I usually do laloon because it is quite worth it for a low failure rate army. Unfortunately failed a bit too hard this morning and boosted barracks with goblins. These are my results:


Within that 1 hr, I gained >4mil/3mil/20k loot, which is quite decent. Its a little faster than boosted barch so I’m quite happy to get that loot. Almost offset the failures of laloon prior, almost.

The only thing I really dislike about this army is that I don’t give shields to most of my targets, which to me is wrong morally. Not because the owner, but because another attacker might light up to the sight of a dead base only to be disappointed with milked collectors. I frequently find this and I’m always quite aggravated when goblin spammers do not give shields.

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