Another simple day of farming, old walls almost done, now I have to work on the new walls and the lvl12 walls. I’m only 500mil resources away from maxed walls

DE almost full and AQ will only wake in another 2 days, so I might need to use dark armies to burn my DE or upgrade BK in the mean time. I cannot decide which is better, but leaning towards BK. It will tie up most of my builders if I choose to do so

Started the upgrade of my elixir storage, will be another 28 days before they are maxed. Not a problem though because warden will needs another 50+ days before he will cost more than 9mil.


Attack log:


Taking advantage of the miner event to use them, they are cheaper than barch and train as fast under the event. I usually do not use them due to low reliability compared to barch and very expensive in terms of elixir. They do rely on heal spells though, which means their elixir cost is still higher if I use spells. These are all collector bases, don’t dare to use them on storage raids.

Defense log:


Defenses still proving a useless endeavor, I can defend just fine with TH6-8 defenses, why do I want more?

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