I just realised today that I’m more than 11 months old in this account, this is how my base looks like now:


Elixir all prepared for my next warden level, he’s only 5.5mil right now. These middle levels are the easiest, from lvl5-15 because their cost doesn’t rise as much while the duration increases quite a bit.

Although just upgraded BK a day ago, my DE is rising really fast. So I might be able to afford AQ in the next few days hopefully, the slow grind to max both heroes has just begun. In another 4-8 weeks, I hope to finish AQ then Warden will be done in another 10 weeks.

Upgraded a cannon today, just another filler for my builders. Warden will be lvl7 soon then I’ll upgrade him to lvl8 immediately

Walls: 19 lvl8, 5 lvl9, 3 lvl10, 273 lvl11 – 448mil total resources left. This is where rushing shines, compared to my other account, I only need 400+mil resources to farm while my defenses will take far longer. This means I can casually farm and still finish walls in reasonable time. Another thing is, my gold upgrades are very cheap so I can dump gold and elixir into walls whenever I have a free builder. This means that my walls are built really quickly. I aim to finish walls in another 3 months time which will be after finishing gw and AQ so I do not need any hardcore farming after that.

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