Quite a few upgrades I’ve did since the last post.

I upgraded an archer tower, an xbow and my BK in the past few days. Upgrades are going quite well, gold is easy and DE is easy. The problem usually lies in elixir because I need it to dump into walls while most of my gold goes to defenses. This is why I dislike elixir heavy armies (like how people think that baby drag costing 400-600k elixir per raid is normal) because you need full elixir profit to do walls. I only have a free builder every 2-3 days, my upgrades cost 8-10mil gold so I will need elixir to upgrade walls but most raiders spend all their elixir thinking that they do not need it.

Most raiders think that they can make do with less elixir profits which means that they are short-sighted. If you have not maxed walls, or nearly maxed walls, there is no reason to spend excess elixir on your army.

I’ve also started the freeze spell upgrade in the lab, not sure how is it going to help. I will donate it to my youngest alt afterwards so that account does not need to level it up at all and can still attack most TH11s. This is the point of selective upgrading, things like golems and freeze spells can be ignored and a ton of time saved because your clan mates can give it to you with a +1 or +2 level bonus. Because of that, even your clan mates do not need to max these unnecessary troops and spells.

Walls: 23 lvl9, 101 lvl10, 133 lvl11, 43 lvl12 – total 546mil resources left. I still have 3 months to go before maxed defenses, so I hope I can do more walls and finish them around the same time. It will take around 6mil per day of farming to max walls on top of defenses, which will require another 300mil (3.3mil per day). In total that means I need at least 9.3mil total resources per day to max walls in the next 3 months, assuming SC doesn’t add new lvl12 walls or more defenses


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