Upgraded 3 lvl9 walls, 1 lvl10 wall and 2 lvl11 walls today (11mil total resources)

Warden easily upgraded, he’s going to lvl9 right now. Just 2 weeks and he’s almost half way done level-wise. Unfortunately, he’s only 1/6 of the way done in terms of time and around 20% done in terms of cost. The law of diminishing returns, where things become more expensive and the return of investment becomes smaller. It is really unfortunate that SC follows this model.

I don’t mind increasing costs and time, but the returns should match the cost you put in. And this is not suggesting that SC nerf the strength of lower level troops, but massively buff the troop strength of TH10 and TH11 while buffing defense strength of TH11 as well.


Why do I need to bother with building defenses? People with high level heroes and a war army can’t crack my base:


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