In this new series, I try to give army comps that are effective and can be used for ongoing events. I won’t teach you how to use the event troops, that is for you to find out. I will just show you attack logs and army combos that can be effective.

These armies may or may not replace primary farming armies but I’ll rate them beside barch to give a comparison based on my usage.

  1. Barch + witch

This army is used for those who can’t be bothered to really play the event and just want the free 30 gems. It is also used for players who have low level witches and did not upgrade them.

Vs barch: 70-80% as strong, 50-70% as efficient


This is the army to use

Variants: 4 witches, barch + cc valks/giants

2. Laloon + witch

This is a simple army, switch your minions for 4 witches just to clear the event. It is significantly weaker but gets the event done.

Recommendation: 1 hound, 30 loons, 4 witches, 6 minions, cc hound + 4 hastes, 2 rage, 1 heal/freeze, 1 poison, cc haste/rage/freeze/heal

No pictures because I didn’t use this army

Vs laloon: 70% as strong, 50% as efficient

3. Bowler witch

This is one of the best war and pushing armies to date. The army I use is shown below:


Simple enough army to spam, just there to get 2 stars with a possibility of 3 star. Requires all 3 heroes to be strong, and needs at least the warden to be usable. Using it in masters or titans doesn’t matter, but you’ll get your stars much more easily in masters then you can go back to use your other armies.

Vs laloon: 60-90% as strong, 90-100% as efficient as laloon (if you don’t need DE)

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