Upgraded 1 lvl10 wall and 2 lvl11 walls today (8mil total resources)

Did some mild farming the past 2 days due to a busy schedule, so my DE isn’t really enough for BK tomorrow. I’ll try to farm hard tomorrow but won’t be too worried if I don’t get enough DE. I’ll need to get 140k by tomorrow so that means another 35k to go.

Upgraded warden today, he’s going to lvl10 right now as we speak. I’m quite happy with his progress, once he’s maxed I think I can easily go to titans and casually farm there. With walls done and warden done, defenses are just a casual slog to get them done.

In terms of difficulty:

Walls > Heroes > defenses >lab

Walls don’t need time, just need effort in farming. Heroes are easy if you focus on them, defenses are hard because they take such a long time to do, lab takes the longest time to do and hence are the hardest to me


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