Upgraded 1 lvl10 wall, 2 lvl11 walls and 2 lvl12 walls today (16mil total resources)

Got to dump all my loot into walls today because I upgraded my BK. He’s going to lvl41 right now so he’ll finally be maxed after another 35 days. I might gem his final level but that’s to be seen.

Just shuffling up and down Masters, gaining the easy loot and not stressing about anything right now. Titans is so much more stressful because I need to align my farming time with the guard time and ensure I have some time free for farming or else everything would be wasted. In masters, I almost have a 4-6 hour guard at all times. I often wonder why people think defenses are any use at all, because they also advice to climb up to Titans where defense do not matter any way.


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