Upgraded quite a few walls these past few days. Right now I’m 327mil resources to maxed walls, let’s see how long it takes.

Upgraded warden a few days ago, he’s now going to lvl12. I’m quite happy with his progress so far, very easy to farm for the necessary resources. 73mil elixir to go, I will most probably gem the last few levels of warden whenever I can afford another level.

Upgraded a WT today, just so that I have a free builder in 3 days’ time.

I will need to farm a massive amount of DE in the next few days, 150k for hounds and 150k for BK. If I can farm enough then I think I will gem lab one day early. Then I will have 3 days to farm for the 150k necessary for BK instead of 2 days.


Completed another achievement:


300 gems! That will certainly help with my warden.

Attack log:


Using some goblins today. Its not that I don’t know how to use goblins, but the cost of spells and the massive league drop really drops my efficiency

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