Upgraded 1 lvl11 wall and 2 lvl12 walls today (11mil total resources)

I’m prioritising my lvl12 walls right now as I want them done as soon as possible. After that, I can easily dump loot and complete all my other walls.

Started hounds in the lab today, hope they make a difference (I think they don’t). I have 3 days to go until BK wakes up and I need to farm 33k DE per day. I hope I can make it with my busy schedule. At least I’m far ahead of the curve in terms of hero levels, having quite high hero levels but yet less than a year of play. Most players haven’t even got 15/15 royals in 1 year.

People overrate heroes yet do not take action to upgrade them asap, instead maxing TH8 and partaking in wars with both heroes.

Upgraded my fourth elixir storage to max level, I’ll start working on gold storages after this.


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