Upgraded a few walls the past few days. I’m now 439mil away from maxing my walls. Do note that this account is doing walls at a much slower rate compared to my rushed account, this is because of the long upgrade times so I can’t dump loot everyday and the high cost of upgrades making me unable to dump more gold into walls.

Upgrading skeleton spell in the lab a few days ago, while saving enough for BK tomorrow. Planned to upgrade an elixir troop but could not afford the elixir in the last minute, oh well. This is also where my rushed account shines, because I can easily upgrading something cheap while this account has to find something cheap.

Upgraded a WT a few days ago, its my 4th one going to maxed level. Its quite nice to see how fast my defenses can finish, walls and heroes in contrast are really long projects. Upgraded an xbow today as well, this is my final xbow going to maxed level.


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