Upgraded 1 lvl10, 1 lvl11 and 1 lvl12 wall today (9mil total resources)

My DE is quite behind schedule today, I need 150+k in 2 days time and I need 70k more right now. And my clan is also going to lose the next FWA so no free 7k DE to help out. I’ll need to farm harder these few days or accept that BK will be awake for 1-2 days.

I planned to build Eagle today, but realised that I didn’t farm enough gold. So instead, I upgraded a 10 day tesla so that my schedule is not messed up. So that’s why I have a tesla going to lvl7 right now



    • I’m actually having no problems at all. I regret using laloon at times, because 300k dead bases are not profitable to me unless the collectors are all outside.

      Probably just a dry spell, try again tomorrow.


  1. I’ve been a bit busy this month so I’m using my bk and aq to farm while I keep my warden down (going to lv12!!). It’s working out pretty well so far. Slapping a few healers on the queen means I easily get the 50%.

    Moved up and down and found a lot of dead bases in crystal 3-2. Not much in masters 3


    • Yeah, masters seem a little dryer these days. My mini is in Crystal right now so there isn’t any problem. QW+barch is a good army, just that sometimes queen dies and your healers are wasted for the next army

      People who storage raid never make this argument to me: if you only collector raid, you may only get 300-400k from a whale. But if you add something else, you may get all 600-800k easily.


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