I was making an argument in a forum thread, and I think its quite relevant to put it in my blog. The argument is, high league farming is better than lower league collector farming. In which I said, hell no.

Here’s what I wrote:

1. When I am free and watching youtube/TV, I start nexting and look for a base to hit. This is my free time and its about 2-3 hrs per day. This allows me intense farming

2. When I am semi free and can open the game once an hr. I open the game, look for 2 bases to barch and leave, it takes 10min at most. This allows continual farming throughout a non-busy day

3. When I busy and can open the game intermittently, I open the game and laloon twice. This is much better in lower leagues because I can easily find 400k+ rushed bases which allow me to save on spells and don’t use cc. Doing this, I get to raid twice and not worry about failure. Compared to high league farming which usually requires heroes. Every time I open the game, its another 1mil gold and 4-6k DE

4. When I am completely occupied, I don’t open the game.

Doing this, I can get around 300+ attacks per season. I admit that not all my attacks are successful so that brings me to around 400+ attacks per season. The more active players here in the forums and farming in high leagues can do 300+ attacks per season, and I don’t see them completing their walls or heroes faster than me. You’d expect that making much more loot per raid will account for faster progress, but when a new update drops and I farm equally on multi accounts, I consistently get better results in lower leagues.

And I wouldn’t believe those who post multiple 600k bases in high leagues, that involves a lot of nexting or waiting the clouds. My own maxed TH11 is up there and I don’t see so many loaded bases without much nexting. Even 10 nexts in Titans can account for 5-10min which is far longer than the proposed 1-2min here. I find a dead base in Masters within 5min more than 80% of the time

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