TH11 day 38

Upgraded 2 lvl11 walls and 3 lvl12 walls today (14mil total resources)

Today is one year since I started playing this account and just look at my progress:


Just one year, and how far do people progress in one year exactly? TH8 to mid TH9 or so, while I’m here as a TH11 having high level heroes and progressing really well. I’m almost functionally maxed offense too, just need a few more troops done and I’ll be able to attack as well a maxed TH11 who took 3 years to build.

Rushing is the way to go, you get all the benefits of being a maxer and much more. You get to customise your base and able to progress much faster than players who played for much longer than you. If you are any sort of min/maxer, then rushing is the only way you should play.

Finished upgrading all 4 elixir storages, now working on all the gold storages. Good time too, my GW is approaching lvl15 soon and my costs will soon be more than 9mil. The next GW upgrade will cost 8.4mil

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