I will probably do some journal updates regarding my builder hall, but it is really something that I don’t find anything fun with. If a wanted a competitive 1v1, I would download a game for that. Furthermore, with me quitting Clash Royale within a day shows how much I like this genre in general.

Here’s my base right now:


I will probably not update this daily but I will try. If I do make an update it will be the island base of my main account as the other accounts will just be casual attackers that will not do too much with their island bases.

There are some merits to this update, no doubt, such as one-tap collectors and new things to play for every player. But there really are some things that make me dislike this update. I’m usually very receptive of any update but this one just makes me shake my head.

I’m really lazy to type out all the reasons but here are a few forum posts that summarises and expresses what I feel.



The worst thing is that this update caters to the mid-level, semi-casual players and gives nothing to hardcore players who have been supporting this game for a long time. If they catered to everyone then I wouldn’t say a thing, but this update doesn’t give anything to max players except for a new base to grow which disadvantages you if you do not partake in it.

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