This post from Superfinch nailed it, and its why we see most of the people who dislike the update from those who are the long term players, especially the maxed TH11s:

“Well, builder village does fit in with the design values very well, ok fair enough.

It was a nice fresh slate, on which to use 5 years of experience, player feedback ideas, Frankenstein-like-transplanting of the bits you liked from all the SC games….to deliver the perfect single player competition.
(Including being more simple, in accordance with design values).

Ok…so what about that bothersome, complex, broken mess in normal game mode? Is that just to be swept to the side, under the rug, ignored?
Is it just a straight admission: ‘look, we know what’s broken, we kinda know what the solution is, but they’re not compatible. So leave that gathering dust, have this new shiny thing’.

That certainly feels like the message.
It’s why there seems to be a heavy concentration of th11s in the moaning camp. People mature and rational enough to see the merit of the majority of builder village, but it’s 2 glaring failings (pay wall and its existence at all, taking the right trophy system away from main village).

What is the content dumping schedule going to be like?
Is it going to be like early clash, when you couldn’t believe how quickly people would part with their money, so best to keep throwing it out there?
Forget bout balancing, just keep the gravy train running?
(No need to be coy, considering the progression of heroes in the early game)

Or are those dreaded f2p players going to be able to have a little pop at leaderboards, farming maxed update to update? Or will it be the impossible chase that early clash was, until 2014.

At least there will actually be a pot of gold (real competition) at the end of the BH upgrade rainbow though, however long it becomes on the way.
Shame I don’t think there ever will be for my beloved 57 month old town.”

Here’s another one of my worries, by cnaf:

“That’s all well and good…until more and more gearup/main base content is introduced. Remains to be seen- but you might very well have to invest more time than you think into the builder base to stay up on all the future advantages that are available for your main base.”

Everything we did in the old game is now pretty much useless stepping forward, and more of the “minigame” or coc2 will be transferred into the main game. So players like me who dislike or loathe 1v1 format will be at a disadvantaged. I signed up to play a base building game, not a 1v1 clash royale style. If I liked that style, I wouldn’t have deleted CR within a day.

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