Upgraded 1 lvl10 wall and 1 lvl12 wall today (6mil total resources)

Upgraded another level of warden, he’s going to lvl15 now. Quite excited as he is going to be maxed soon within 6 weeks. Doing more casual farming today, DE is flowing easily and I’ll be able to afford the next level of BK easily. The problem is if I want to upgrade both heroes at once, I’ll need more free time to farm for that.


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  1. In 2 days and some hours I’ll have a level 40 archer queen! I’m so stoked to start using her a little bit. It’s all thanks to you, I’ve been loosely following your style of gameplay and it’s worked wonders. I’m still in TH10 and my BK is still level 16 because I focused on the queen, but I’m quite satisfied that I’ve made it this far, and my account is only about 1.4 years old. I’m still debating on whether I should stay in TH10 longer or just make the move to TH11 now. I’m not sure I enjoy the update very much either, I absolutely hate that I can’t farm on the BH base, because of the 4 raid cap. If you’re curious about my progress, just take a look at minisin’s friends, my games name is “nemesis” in your friends. 😀


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