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Temp ban, reasoning?

My statement:

(RE: [BH]Rushing to max)

“Yes, I do notice that rushing is still the superior strategy in this game mode, great to see people establishing it early. Its so hard to change the status quo in the main base because people still vomit bad myths about rushing”

Welp, I guess its not okay to talk about rushing now

Journals are coming soon despite all the recent opinionated posts

Only upgraded a spring trap on SinMini today, don’t think that’s worth a post. Oh, and MiniSin is capped on gold due to 2 day upgrades and accidentally took out my FWA winnings


  1. Baron here. That was rough, Sin. Anyway, I’m rushing to bh4 (tomorrow morning I will hit it) to get an extra camp. Like I’ve told you on the DM, I’m still skeptical mostly due to troop AI, cap and being forced to build defenses. I’m having a hard time juggling with the cap/storages.

    Other than collectors/storages, I’ve upgraded the cannons once, AT once, the ramp thing once and all the walls are lvl2 (trying to keep the weight as low as I can without wasting resources). 1.2k cups, saving for the 4th camp already (juggling a little bit with storages). I will give more thought to it on bh4 (regarding to plan a rush to bh5) and I’ve also stopped pushing after our last DMs.

    I’ll drop by tomorrow to report my findings.


    • No harm there, being off the forums is invigorating. I can learn tactics and strategy much faster from my clans than anywhere in the forums. Bowler/witch, the current BH3/4 meta were/are all learned within my own clans.

      Even anecdotal evidence of rushing being superior is being investigated by my clan mates much earlier than most people in the forums realise it.

      Good to hear your progress, I’d like to hear more afterwards. I’m too lazy to push, only around 1100 on my main and 600-700 on my alts


    • Who knows, but I suspect that they are adding up mini-infractions by themselves. I know I’ve toed the line recently but never went over (except when they made making “ignorant”, “short-sighted” bannable, talk about adding rules on the fly).

      Since nothing I’ve said recently were overboard, they just added up mini-infractions by themselves and gave me a full ban


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