Upgraded 1 lvl10 wall and 2 lvl12 walls today (10mil resources)

I thought that I will need to extend my wall farming for another month or so, but I guess SC didn’t add any new walls for me to upgrade. I’ll probably max out my walls within 1 month now. And after my warden is maxed, I’ll be able to relax and upgrade defenses at a slow pace without worry of elixir.

Upgraded my 4th tesla to lvl6 today, so that means my teslas will be maxed TH8 level. I’ll slowly upgrade the rest and they will be my first defenses to be maxed TH11 level. I’ll want to place the Eagle soon because I want extra war weight to be placed higher in FWA. I’m right now at lower TH10 weight so I hope I can shoot up to maxed TH10 weight after placing eagle.

Having more elixir than I intended because I couldn’t dump 2mil loot into walls. My lvl9 walls are now fully upgraded to lvl10 and I only have very few lvl10 walls left. Once they are all done, I can only upgrade walls 4mil a piece so that will slightly slow things down. At least I only have 52 of them to do, so that’s only 208mil resoures. 1 week of hardcore farming would be able to complete them


More BH rant, before I was banned from the forums, I posted this:

“Its the combination of:

1. Here’s a new base for you, but since its new there is zero emotional attachment to this base
2. Oh, and the base you’re currently loving, that will be slowly phased out to obscurity

These are the thoughts that floated into my mind while I was pondering about it for some time”

Sums up my entire feeling right now. I have almost no attachment to this new village because I didn’t pour any effort into it.

And have people noticed this bug?


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