Upgraded 4 lvl12 walls today (16mil resources)

Had leftover gold that I cannot spend after dumping loot into walls, this will be a perpetual problem now because my lower level walls are nearly all maxed. I can only dump loot in 4mil increments, so if I farm till full I can only dump 8mil out of my storage and the rest will accumulate.

DE capped ready for BK who will wake in 2 days. I thought of upgrading AQ but I wouldn’t be able to farm enough for BK in 2 days so I’ll defer. My sem break will start in another week so I will probably be able to farm much more during the break and max all 3 heroes quickly.

Upgraded my 2nd Gold storage to max today. The disparity in gold/elixir storages have been bothering me for some time now. I can easily get 9mil gold, but 10mil elixir is much harder. After both are 10mil, I would be able to farm a little more efficiently with less gold overflow.


Some attack logs today:


Simple barch gets the most loot in the shortest amount of time. Many spells were used though, its quite atypical

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