Upgraded 1 lvl12 wall today (4mil resources)

Also two upgrades on this account, and one day between the upgrades. Good planning sin…

Upgraded both BK and GW on the same day and now they’re on a 7 day schedule. I’ll probably gem GW in 3-5 days so that they do not land on the same day. Saving up DE and elixir is a little tougher especially if I have multiple other upgrades as well.

BK is going to 36 right now and GW is going to 15.


I’m having a blast in the builder base. I’m a new BH4 having 4 army camps, at around 1000-1400 cups. I’m crushing the BH3s and finishing my 3 daily raids within 10min. I have no interest in being hardcore in this minigame, so I leave as soon as I’m done with my raids.

Oh, and now I know why I was banned in the forums. I thought that I might have mistyped and said “vomiting stupid advice”, which was a fair ban. But I was banned for using the word “vomiting” in “vomiting bad advice”. Words like ignorant, stubborn and vomiting used to carry no bans. But now it seems that the forums are getting oversensitive and ban-happy



  1. Great guides, Dusk. Got curious about the blog in the forums and decided to check it out. Reading you blogs made me look at rushing in a new perspective, and I made a mini following a similar pathway. Thanks. Will see how it goes.


  2. Been a really busy week for me. No time to barch+gob so I switched to lava loon. Pretty fun strategy.

    Accidentally pushed to masters, might just keep on going (until I get some free time I guess). Wonder how high I can get with no heroes and lv2 hounds.

    Might actually level up freeze now. Lv1 freeze isn’t so good :/


  3. Hi sinofdusk Greetings
    I saw you on forums with great posts, but sad to see you are even banned after the Contribution of 5700 posts?
    Why Dear.
    A guy even made a thread asking what happened to sinofdusk


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