Upgraded 1 lvl12 wall (4mil resources)

Only had one day to farm, so didn’t bother with elixir. I farmed almost exclusively for gold so that I can start an upgrade today. Upgraded my 2nd bomb tower to lvl4. So that means I still have 1 level on each bomb tower, 2 levels on mortars, 1 level of AT, cannon and AD. According to the calculator, I’m 187mil gold away from maxed defenses.

Having maxed defenses is nice, but we all know that it is useless and futile. I’m not losing any less loot than my other rushed TH11 but I can sometimes lose more even though I have invested so much gold into defenses.

Also upgraded BK to lvl44, he’ll be maxed in 14 days’ time if I do not gem him at the final level. I’m still considering, because it will cost almost all my gems.


Attack log:


One cannot deny that laloon is excellent in getting gold. The problem is that walls are done by elixir and heroes are done by DE. If you are more hardcore, laloon is terrible at getting both DE and elixir regardless of league


  1. What is your attack strategy with this army? Baby dragon funnel then balloons up the core? I’m looking to farm more efficiently at TH11 and I haven’t found a good army for it yet.


    • Nope, straight spam laloon with minions. Baby drag dropped during mid-late battle to get the TH in the middle if I miss it. Maxed baby can kill a TH under 1 tesla/xbow/inferno fire


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