Upgraded 3 lvl12 walls today (12mil total resources)

The 10mil storage limit is quite hard to get around, I want to spend all into walls but can only spend in 4mil chunks. They should’ve increased the limit to 12mil instead. I cannot fathom why SC wants to make upgrades so insignificant. Lvl10 to lvl11 storages gain 1mil capacity, but lvl12 is only 250k more than lvl11. Such stupidity.

Farmed enough DE for BK tomorrow, I will need to farm more to upgrade both BK and AQ together. I plan to upgrade BK tomorrow, then start AQ in another 4 days. This leaves me with a 4/3 day cycle which I can upgrade both heroes comfortably (farming around 50k DE per day)

Upgraded a WT to lvl7, just needed a 6 day upgrade



  1. Having a hard time farming with lava loon. Much easier with barchgobs so I dropped back to master3/crystal1.

    Army cost of lava loon makes it hard to get a profit of lix/de. Gold storages overflowing though

    Don’t think anything beats collector raids tbh


    • Yup, exactly. Laloon is quite weak in terms of farming, just doing it as a bridge. I do around 5-10 barch attacks within 2-3 hours straight and 10-15 laloon attacks throughout the day. Those barch attacks provide more loot with less raids than laloon


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