Upgraded 3 lvl12 walls today (12mil total resources)

Farming is better now as I spend more time on this account. I will need to farm hard on this account now.


BK upgrading as well


I plan to upgrade AQ in another 4 days, so I will need to farm 160k (40k per day). With the semester break going on right now it will be quite easy to reach that target, only 10 good dead bases per day. After that, its the hard part of farming 55k per day for 3 days to get enough for BK lvl38. Goblins might become my next best friend as I use goblins to drop trophies and farm for DE (no knifing as I still need elixir for warden)

Warden waking in 3 days and I’ll also need 9.4mil elixir. That shouldn’t be too hard at least, one good day of farming should be enough to earn that amount right there.

Check out my progress here:


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