Upgraded 6 lvl11 walls today (18mil total resources)

Doing lvl11 walls is much easier because I can store 6mil to do 2 walls or fill up to full and do 3 walls with 9mil resources. So this means that this account might be able to do walls slightly faster than my other TH11 account.

I left a builder free after finishing a cannon so that I can farm much more than usual. It also means that I do not need to plan upgrades as vigorously as normal. I usually set a maximum of 2 days between upgrades and this can sometimes be hard to coordinate, have too little gap and I might not be able to farm enough (or I have a busy day), set a longer gap and I will overflow on resources too easily.

I also can farm gold as much as I like and do not care about elixir. As someone else has noted, elixir is really hard to farm using this army. I can farm 10mil gold easily but my elixir is only 6-7mil (and that’s with me focusing more on elixir) so this little change might help. If it does not, then dropping back to masters and keeping all builders busy might be the more efficient route.

Check out my progress here:





BK sleeping for one last time. Thought of gemming him but I think I will save the gems for something else. Officially, this account does not need to farm for DE anymore, huzzah


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