Upgraded 3 lvl11 walls today (9mil resources)

Dropped back down and farming is great here! Farmed 8.8mil gold easily within a day and started the upgrade of my 2nd AD to maxed level. Really, high leagues have zero advantages compared to being in low leagues. Especially since I don’t have to worry about defensive losses at all. I can stay here the entire day and not be afraid of being attacked.


Attack log:


AQ just doesn’t die when I attack these weak bases. I can attack again and again without fear of losing. In high leagues, it really sucks when I get 250k from a 450k base. Even the 250k bonus doesn’t make the hit worth it since my heroes are all dead. And finding a loaded base up there is so hard, why spend so much effort to find a 400k base and only manage to get 250k; when I can get 450k easily from much lower leagues?

It makes zero sense to farm in high leagues. Even maxed heroes don’t justify such atrocious loot

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