Upgraded 4 lvl12 walls today (16mil total resources)

Did a lot of walls because used barch exclusively yesterday. I usually only do 5-10 barch raids per day but doing barch the entire day was really refreshing for once and allowed me to farm a crapton of loot to be used in walls and upgrading my AQ.

AQ is going to lvl43 today, just another 21 days before she’s maxed. Looking forward to it 🙂 But I still need to farm hard, BK isn’t going to upgrade by himself. So I’ll need to farm 160k in 4 days, that’s 40k per day. Should be fine but I do have quite a few activities and outings these few days.

I’ll see how it goes, but I think no matter what boosted barch will get me out of any loot requirement.


This is why I love low leagues and people who has an AQ that is awake can do this:



Barch attack log:


Nothing much to show, not sure why I chose this pic though. But this just shows how powerful having an AQ is, regardless of level. This is why I say hero levels are overrated, if you depend on your heroes for farming, you’re farming wrong.

Defense log:


So, tell me again? Why bother with defenses?

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