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I cannot understand why people say rushed = wrecked. Over the years of rushing, I have never lost significantly more loot than a maxer would. Sometimes, I even lose much less loot compared to my maxed accounts.

There are so many poor attackers in this game that it is more likely for them to find your base. You want them to find your base and attack you, not scare them away. The stronger looking your base is, the stronger the attacker that will ultimately attack you. The weaker your defense is, the weaker your attackers will be


My defense logs:

Why build defenses just to obtain a marginal effect? People waste countless years in lower THs to upgrade defenses (AFAIK, the minimum requirement to be “not rushed” is having maxed previous TH level defenses), but that is time wasted when you can just focus on offense and move on.

I know some people will love to bash me before even clicking any of the links above which show many of my evidence that rushing does not produce significantly more loot loss, so just look below:



Defense log:


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