Changing the system this base records wall progress. I’ll say how much loot I need left to max walls

Loot required to max walls: 268mil

That value actually surprised me, seems like I’m on course to finish walls before defenses if that were the case.

I upgraded my 4th Archer tower to max yesterday. Defensive progress seems to be going well, quite happy with it.

The strategy I’m using for this account right now is to keep an idle builder to upgrade walls, which explains my rapid wall progression these few weeks. Then one day before the next builder starts, I start the next upgrade. When the next builder is done, I will use that builder as my idle one for the next few days. This allows me to skip the planning for my upgrades because I don’t need to keep 2-3 days gap between builders. And allows me to upgrade walls at a rapid pace

You can read more here:

(the guide is really quite messy)


Here’s my builder menu:


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