Upgraded 2 lvl12 walls today. 94mil resources to maxed walls!

Saving up elixir for warden tomorrow, he’ll cost 9.6mil elixir. Just 3mil so will not be a problem to upgrade him tomorrow.

BK upgrading to lvl38 right now, only 8 weeks to maxed BK 🙂 Was able to farm enough DE yesterday and upgrade BK today even with a 16k excess. I’ll need to farm another 180k in 3 days to upgrade AQ. I’ll be fine to upgrade AQ in 4 days, but that means I’ll only have 3 days to farm BK. Either way, I will need to farm 372k (minus my current 16k = 356k) DE in 7 days. That turns out to around 50k DE per day, will need to farm hard for this.


Today’s attack log:


Farming DE exclusively because elixir will be easy to come by. Goblins become suitable because I only need a tiny amount of elixir for GW and I don’t need more for walls since they are nearly maxed. This is the only time where goblins become viable, when elixir becomes unneeded while DE is still needed. Any other time, barch is reign supreme because I can farm both resources at the same time much more easily.

Check out that second raid, not full deployment and 90% destruction?


This is the base, and here is my attack:


The funny thing? It got a 16 hour shield despite massively rushed defenses. So it just shows that you don’t even need TH6-8 defenses as me (a weak attacker) can give a shield to the player. So I spent 100-200mil gold and probably did only marginally better (avg 250k losses vs his 450k losses) than a nearly defenseless base. The reasoning is the GB killed my goblins and I didn’t want to risk failing such a raid, so I spammed more goblins (cc loons also didn’t help)

The only thing you need defenses is when you want to get a shield.


  1. Hello SinOfDusk, I’m currently running a defenseless fresh TH10 (no walls, only 1 cannon lvl1, BK10 and AQ13) and the only thing needed to get a shield 95% of the time is good CC troops (3 valkyries + 1 baby dragon). I stay in the silver1 /gold3 range farming with a mostly gobelin army and the limitating factor in progression is the lab. In 20 days my 4th army camp is due in 48h, just have to upgrade 2nd dark barrack and drill. For now I choosed to skip miners as I can’t see a use for them.

    Reading your journal since september, it’s a big source of informations and a pleasure to follow your progression. Many thanks for the work you put in it.


    • Great job with the defenseless. I also found CC to be the most important part of defense, I sometimes use 2 baby drag + 1 witch for cc to stop both air and ground combos. The problem is putting in the cc because I want to attack 24/7 and the cc isn’t really suited for offense.

      No problem, I’m glad you like the posts 🙂


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